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Age System

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:29 am

Birth: In 5 real life days, users can transition to next age period.

Transitional Period: Pups are about 2 weeks old in this period when it starts. Lasts 3 real life days.

Socialization Period:Pups are about 3 weeks old when this period starts. Lasts until they are 5 weeks. One real life day equals 1 week.

Juvenile Period: Pups are about 5-8 weeks when this starts. Lasts until they are 51 weeks. One day equals 7 weeks until they are 51 weeks. Pups are experiencing rapid growth!

Sexual Maturity: Pups are officially a year old at 52 weeks. After this, three real life days equals one month.

Wolves live to about 6-8 years!
There are twelve months in a year!
Your character may NOT live over 9 years.


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